Patients, Families and Caregivers

patients, families and caregivers

our programs

At Care for Your Health, Inc we have designed programs to support our patients as they age and stay at home. These programs focus on health and wellbeing. 

Geriatric Office Program

SERVICES: the following services are provided.

1. Geriatric Primary Care – 

       – Sick visits

       – Preventive Geriatric Check ups

       – Preoperative Assessments – check up before surgery

       – Virtual Visits: we provide remote visits via

       – Transitions of Care – we can see you in the office after                      visiting the ER or the hospital for mild afflictions, to ensure                  you have everything you need to stay home safely.

       – Cluster Visits – we schedule visit were both elder and the               caregiver are seen at the same time. This ensures that                          the caregiver can be taken care of. 

2. Cognitive evaluations – comprehensive memory testing including immigration cognitive assessments. 

3. Geriatric consultations – comprehensive geriatric consultations to support your primary care as he/she takes care of you as you age. 



ELIGIBILITY: we will see patients that are 50 or older. We also take care of caregivers and disabled individuals regardless of age. 

We will see patients with and without insurance. 

Call the office for details. 


Home Visiting Program

SERVICES: the following services are provided.

1. Geriatric Primary Care at Home – 

2. Transitions of Care at Home – we will see you at home, when you leave the hospital or the rehabilitation center to ensure you have everything needed to stay home safely. 

3. Community-based Palliative Care –  focuses on continuity of care for those living with serious illness and their families as they manage their disease outside of the hospital setting. The goal is to provide relief from pain, stress and other symptoms experienced by patients with serious illness and their families. We help you get the resources you need to stay home.

ELIGIBILITY:  we use Medicare eligibility criteria regardless of the insurance the patient has. Patient has to be homebound regardless of age. Medicare considers you homebound if you need the help of another person or medical equipment such as crutches, a walker or a wheelchair to leave your home, or your doctor believes that your health or illness could get worse if you leave your home.

We will see patients with and without insurance. 

Call office for details.

Life Transitions Program

According to Robert Miemeyer, grief is a process of reconstructing a world of meaning that has been challenged by loss. Although most of us think of loss as the death of a loved one, as we age there are many other losses that we need to grief. Losses such as the loss of independence, the loss of your role, the loss of a job, the loss of functionality in your body…

Our life transitions program is designed to support those that seek outside assistance to cope with the feelings of pain, sadness, anger, denial and many others during the grief process. 

SERVICES: currently we offer one on one support with our providers. It is our goal in 2020 to expand the types of services that will be offered under this program. 

ELIGIBILITY: there are no age limitations to enter the program. 

We will see patients with and without insurance. However not all these services are covered by the insurance. There may be some payment associated with participation. 

Call office for details.

Meet our staff

...but before we get started with the introductions,

let us tell you.

Linguistic capacity of our staff

One of the most important elements that our staff bring to the table is their ability to speak more than one language. This is essential as we strive to provide services in the language spoken by our elders. We understand linguistic capacity to include those languages that can be spoken by our providers without the aid of an interpreter.
Our current linguistic capacity includes:

what insurances do we accept?

Insurances change on a regular basis. Please call the office for updated information at 240-844-2552.

Currently we accept the following insurances.