About Us

Care for Your Health Inc. is a 501c3 non-for-profit organization based in Maryland. Founded in 2001 by one of our primary doctor AnnaMaria Izquierdo, this community based organization is a multicultural care for elders. Here at C4YH our mission is to provide care to our elders, promote aging in place, support life’s changes, and enhance enjoyment. We strive to be leaders of innovative care that empowers patients, caregivers and communities to live enjoyable vital lives.


  • Access to high quality healthcare is a fundamental human right
  • High quality healthcare must be patient-centered, culturally competent and holistic
  • Aging is better accomplished at home
  • Care at the end-of-life shoulder be provided based on the beliefs and values of the patient being cared for
  • Healthcare should be rendered regardless of age, socioeconomic status, race, nationality, sex, background, beliefs, or circumstance
  • The well being of our staff and volunteers is as important as that of the patients we serve


The importance of our partnerships is on our list of high priorities. We believe that partnerships are an essential part of supporting under-served communities. Some of our current partnerships include but are not limited to:

  • SANU
  • Alfa Specialty Pharmacy
  • One Health Quality Alliance (OHQA)
  • Maryland Oncology
  • Caring Matters


At C4YH, we have a very diverse board of directors that supports the functioning and strategic direction of the organization. Meet our board!

  • Marcela Campoli – President
  • Barbara Ireland – Secretary
  • David Zolet – Member (Clinical and compliance)
  • Fariborz Zarfeshan – Treasurer Member